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For His Glory Hymns of Praise, Signature Collection Volume 1...

"If the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, then His presence is in this book and with these hymns. They are full of scripture and descriptive of the glory and the attributes of God. Many of these songs are, in essence, scriptures that have simply been touched with verse, rhyme, rhythm and sweet melodies. In earlier days of Christian history, Christians carried their individual hymnbooks back and forth to church, and these small portable hymnals were sometimes called 'the common person's theology book.' For His Glory, Hymns of Praise fits within that hallowed tradition.

May the Lord use this volume FOR HIS GLORY!"

Robert J. Morgan
(Best-selling and Gold-Medallion winner with over 20 books in print including books on hymnology such as "Then Sings My Soul")


"From the open chords and Kentucky Harmony sounds of 'Psalm 148' to the shifting harmonies of the biblical story of Rahab in 'Rahab Rejoice!', the hymns of For His Glory present new sounds in old form.  Taunia Henry's embrace of the hymn form is reassuring in a world that often dismisses hymns as old-fashioned.  Henry has written words that teach and set them to melodies that are easily sung and quite memorable.  Though her harmonies may be unconventional at times, they are colorful, challenging, and inviting to sing.  Of special note is Henry's collaboration with her young daughter on two of the hymns, ensuring the continuation of a spiritual art form that she champions in this hymnal."

Dr. Debra Brubaker