"For His Glory" Publishing has been a small family-owned business since 2007. We began this ministry for the purpose of releasing our own hymn compositions to the public, with the desire to reach the world for Christ and "For His Glory". Our first book publication in our FHG Product Line is called "For His Glory", Hymns of Praise—Signature Collection, Volume I. This hymn book contains 40 original hymns by Taunia L. Henry completely scored with lyric and 4 part harmony. See MUSIC STORE for more details. We are working on Volume Two of our hymnbook Signature Collection and plan to produce 3 Choral CDs from this volume for three consecutive years, Lord willing. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will contact you when new items are made available.

Feeling the burden of need across the world, we also had the desire and conviction to be able to use this ministry to make a difference for the Kingdom financially. For this purpose we have produced three choral CDs from our FHG World Charities Product Line in which all profits will be donated to established, reputable charity organizations for world relief/evangelism efforts. These all-A Cappella CDs are performed by various church choirs and small ensembles creating a beautiful presentation of the hymns from our Volume One publication. See MUSIC STORE for more details.

We would appreciate your prayers--that God would continue to bless this ministry of song that it may bear good fruit and that it can all be "For His Glory".
Thank You! Have a blessed day!